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Highcollar; A term mocking savvy people who have unique taste or follow trends

‘Highcollar’ designs for people who refuse to just follow trends, look for new things, and show their own colors. Highcollar is a brand that is not only limited to fashion, but also open to many cultural aspects such as music, art, dance, and parties. Creative in a liberated way, Highcollar is a brand that is smart, humorous, and suited for people who know what they want. Maybe it would be better to define Highcollar as an art lable.

“We try to show trendiness with our designs, but at the same time, want to move people.”

Starting with sunglasses, Highcollar will provide various designs throughout fashion, moving on to fun and interesting collaborations not limited to fashion. By using social media as an exhibition platform, new graphic designs were continuously created, and new collections were revealed twice each year. Starting with eyewear, ‘Highcollar’ will expand into fashion items, videos and artwork.

Highcollar’s journey started when a designer who graduated a fashion school in Millan, Italy, the city of fashion, and a dancer who came from London, England, the global center of design, met and become husband and wife.

Sejin, the director of Highcollar, stepped out to London where UK Jazz dance was born to improve his art of dance. London is a city that is mature culturally, and holds many cultural infrastructures. As a UK Jazz dancer, Sejin opened up to a more creative world, and it led him to a career in fashion. Eunyoung, Designer and Sejin’s loving wife, was always enthusiastic about all aspects of design including graphic design, typography, product design. She encountered various kinds of fashion and designs while studying in Millan, and keeps making efforts to create designs that come from imagination and are not cliché.
These two people met, became a family, and created the brand called Highcollar.

“As time passed, the people’s depth of knowledge and interest in fashion became deeper, and their taste became more picky and diverse. Highcollar will approach them with designs that exceed their needs, and send out their messages through the designs.”

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